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Bring a classic military game to your club, school or rec center with the Hasbro Risk Board Game. Designed for up to five players, Risk is a game of cunning and strategy, with 42 territories up for grabs on the globe-style board. Aspiring world leaders use their troops to launch attacks in the hopes of taking over entire continents and eventually the world while trying to defend their captured territories against counter-attacks. Children and adults can both try their hand at global domination, since Risk is suitable for players 10 years and older.

      • Map-style board features continents with 42 territories that can be captured one by one until someone takes over the entire globe
      • Each player has 40 infantry, 12 cavalry and 8 artillery to conquer territories through international warfare
      • Includes 43 cards and five dice to guide the game and dictate the next move
      • Designed for two to five players, so you can set up a one-on-one game or ramp up the competition
      • For ages 10 and up, so adults and young students alike can participate
      • Battery Powered: No
      • Brand: Hasbro
      • Color: Multi
      • Color Family: Multi
      • Maximum Number Of Players: 5
      • Minimum Number Of Players: 2
      • Quantity: 1
      • Recommended Age Use: Children, Teenagers, Adults
      • Unlimited Number of Players: No
  • Rally your armies to march across continents
  • Keep advancing until you've taken over the world!
  • Includes game board, 5 armies with 40 infantry, 12 cavalry and 8 artillery each, deck of 43 cards, 5 dice, two reference cards and rules
  • For 2 to 5 players ages 10 and up