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Bring a classic game to your collection with the Hasbro Monopoly Board Game. Children and adults alike can play the fun game of buying, selling and building, and anyone can join in, since the game is great for up to eight players. Whether you need a new game for your classroom, rec center or summer camp, Monopoly is a tried and true standard. Players buy properties and build houses and hotels, make deals with other players and gain the upper hand to win!  Actual game version may vary from one pictured.

      • Folding board displays properties and presents opportunities to draw Chance and Community cards to keep the game going
      • Dice determine the number of moves players make each turn
      • Money is handled by an appointed banker and used to buy properties and build houses and hotels
      • Includes Chance and Community cards, deeds, property pieces and playing pieces to get the game started
      • Great for two to eight players ages eight and up
      • Brand: Hasbro
      • Color: Multi
      • Color Family: Multi
      • Foldable Board: Yes
      • Maximum Number Of Players: 8
      • Minimum Number Of Players: 2
      • Quantity: 1
      • Recommended Age Use: Any age
      • Unlimited Number of Players: No
  • The classic game of buying and selling
  • For 2 to 8 players ages 8 and up